About me

Reyna Jean

Owner, Lead Photographer

Hello, I'm Reyna! I am from Denver, Colorado. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Human Development & Family Relations and a master’s degree in Learning Development and Family Sciences from the University of Colorado Denver. With my background in social science and human ecology, I am always prepared to take on challenges that come with working with families and various personalities.

Being in front of a camera can be a very vulnerable experience for some; I recognize that and strive to make the process as comfortable and stress free as possible. Every time I get the chance to work with a new person or family it’s like I get my own special preview into their lives, capturing and preserving a moment that will never happen again!


Photography is more than just a creative outlet for me. I genuinely enjoy celebrating life with others. When you book with me we can make your vision come to life as a team or you can trust me to take the creative wheel. Whatever the occasion, I am here to make memories last a lifetime.

Reyna Jean,  Denver Photographer

Photo by: Joel Lahey Photography

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